Friday, April 20, 2018

Dash For Cash 2018

School Fundraiser time!

Some behind the scenes prep...separating seven hundred and some Otter Pops for all the classes. My fingers were so cold!

It was 80's themed!  Which is just so much fun!

I'm pretty sure I should be a little bit ashamed of that fact that the only thing I had to buy was the fingerless gloves.  Everything else we just had in our house.  Oh and Preston's shirt. But I mean he can totally wear that again.

Look at all those kids ready to run!  The kids ran in four groups.  Me and Liv joined Preston's group!  We race around and each group has a class with the most laps and they win the Golden Shoe!  It's a big deal!

And away they go!

I was part of the committee for the fundraiser, so me and Liv were hanging around all day.  She decided to run with the kindergarten classes too!  All on her own, my big brave girl!

She did six laps!  That's 1.5 miles!  I was impressed.  Especially when she ran earlier with Preston's group!

And then she was exhausted.  And made some new friends who were also exhausted to come play with her.

We finished the day exhausted.  Like forgot I drove and parked and walked home exhausted.  But our school not only hit our goal but blew it out of the water!  Worth it!