Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

It's Valentine's Day!

And how stinkin' cute are Olivia's Valentine's Day cards!  I die!  And look how good she wrote her name!

Olivia's class had a party!  Preschool Valentine's Day is so much fun!

Then we ran and grabbed cupcakes and headed to school to meet Preston and Madison for lunch and surprise them with a treat!

Now for take out and a movie and a night in!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Father Daughter Dance

Brad and Olivia went to the Father Daughter Dance! It was the cutest ever!

Olivia was so excited!  She was thrilled about her fancy dress and that her and Daddy got to go to dinner with Uncle Nevan and Avayah and then do some dancing.

I mean is this not the cutest ever! 

While Olivia and Brad were on their date night, Preston and I went to dinner.  Followed up with some mini golf. 

We need to make this more of a thing! 

Jen's Birthday

Time to celebrate! It's Jen's birthday!

We did dinner at the restaurant of her choice with a bunch of friends.  And then headed out for the night.  Drinks and dancing!

And shots of tequila.  Because of course.

It might have even been multiple shots of tequila.

We partied hard.  Crashed in a hotel room.  Woke up hungover like you wouldn't believe.  Tried to eat and hoped it would help.  It didn't. 

Definitely not in our 20s anymore!  Ha!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Winter Hike

Best part about a mild winter? Being able to go hiking in February. Early February even!

I mean we were so unprepared that we didn't even realize how early it would get dark.  But we made it!

Look how cute these two were.  Holding hands and leading the pack.

All I wanted was a family photo.  This is not a family photo I was going for. 

Better!  And look at that sky!

Couple of cute kids.

Group shot!  In the near dark.

We made it back before the creatures of the dark came out!  Here's to more winter hiking!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Dr Seuss Day

Not a whole lot cuter than little miss dressed up like the Cat in the Hat for Dr Seuss Day!

Except maybe her whole preschool class dressed up for the day!

Her poor teachers and school, her tutu was dropping glitter EVERYWHERE!  Like a trail all over the place.  Ooops. 

We couldn't just end the day with preschool so we headed to Preston's school with Zips to meet him for lunch!

There is definitely a difference between preschool and elementary school!