Tuesday, January 23, 2018


My Mom has been wanting to do a big family weekend long get together for forever and a day. But schedules. Chaos. Certain siblings refusing to stay with the rest of us.  But the stars aligned my Mom found a weekend, everyone was willing to go, and a house was booked.

So I packed.  All the things.

The drive to Leavenworth was beautiful!

I just wanted a quick photo.  That's all.  Is that too much to ask.

Oh look they love each other.

These three girls were SO excited to get to spend the next three days together!

Preston pretty much disappeared from us to play with Mason after we arrived.

The house was amazing.  All the space.  A huge living room.  A game room with a pool table.  Bedrooms.  A hot tub.  We were set.  We spent the first night unpacking and settling in.

The next morning after a giant breakfast we got dressed for the day and headed into Leavenworth.  Coffee and browsing the stores.

I dragged my family down to the little waterfront park to take pictures. It was just so gorgeous.

We all did dinner at a pizza place.  Where I forced Brad and Nevan to play Sorry with me.

After dinner.  I mean the setting doesn't get much more beautiful than this.

Shannon finally arrived!  Her and Nevan had funky work schedules so he rode up with my parents and Vey.  And then Shannon worked Saturday and headed up.

Fun night in!

The neighbors had dogs that could smell our breakfast so they popped over to see what we were up to.  And the girls thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Our driveway was this perfect sledding hill.  So we just had to go out and do some sledding.

Not going to lie.  I didn't want to.  I hate the cold.  All things cold.  But the kids were begging.  So I sucked it up.

And I'm so glad I did.  It was so much fun!  My favorite part of the whole weekend!  And the kids too!

Nevan had to leave Sunday afternoon to be back for work on Monday.  Boo!  But first we needed a whole group photo!  We'd spent the rest of Sunday lazing around the house.  Snacking and watching movies and napping.  It doesn't sound like a lot but it was amazing.

In a world where life gets super busy and families aren't always close, I am so blessed to have these people in my life!

We headed back into Leavenworth for dinner.  We wanted something authentic.  And omg.  We did NOT accomplish that.  It was the worst service.  Not great food.

We came back for our last night!  Beer pong.  Cards.  Hot tub.  Exhaustion.

The next morning we had to pack up and go.  Sad day!

I know these three kids didn't wanna!

Final photos before the weekend is over.

Big HUGE thank you to my parents for taking all of us this weekend!  It was such a nice refresh!

The drive home.  I mean so gorgeous!

We decided to detour a little bit and go through Chelan on our way back.  Which was a lot easier when we were already detouring to stop and see Brad's Grandpa.

I've never been to Chelan.  But have heard it's just beautiful.  It didn't disappoint.  Even in the winter just to die for.

We wandered a little bit.  Took some photos.  Walked a little bit of the town.  And had to hop in the car. But we will definitely be back.  Because it was so dang cute!

We made a quick stop to see Brad's Grandpa.  Which was a little rough.  With the kids his place is hard for us.  We tried to convince him to come to lunch with us.  But he wasn't feeling it.  So when we went back Brad went in to hang out for a little bit and me and the kids hung in the car before saying good-bye.

We made it home.  And unfortunately back to real life.  And that includes unpacking.  All of this mess.  Really makes me wish I hadn't overpacked.  But then we needed all of these things!

Thanks for the weekend away Mom and Dad!  We had an absolute blast!

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