Saturday, December 2, 2017

Izzie's Skating Party

Preston and Olivia were excited! It's Izzie's seventh birthday!  Even if she tells us she's ten.  Which totally through me for a minute until I realized Preston is ten so Izzie can't be ten!  Silly girl.

Her party was at the skating rink!  Every single time we go to the rink I tell myself we should go more often because the kids really do have a lot of fun.  Heck I had fun too!

We did a little skating!  These two sweet kids of mine.

Before it was party time.

Izzie always has the best cakes!

Back to do some more skating.

Liv even went around a few times without her trainer.

Preston was getting the hang of it.  We even raced around a few times.  I won.  But he did almost win once.  Partly because he cheated.  He fell and acted all hurt so I stopped and waited for him and then he finished the race.  No go cheater!   But well played.

A friend of Liv's from preschool was there.  She was pretty excited to see Ava!

My favorites!

Off doing big girl things.  Sob.

It was couples skate so Preston and I skated together.  While Olivia and Ava skated together.  They even ditched their trainers for a minute because big girls.

Happy Birthday Izzie!  Thanks for inviting us to celebrate!

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