Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks came to town!

Originally he was only coming for one show.  And the day tickets went on sale we had an event at school and I just knew I wouldn't have time to try to get tickets so I didn't plan on going.  But then I finished the event and was headed to grab Liv and heard that he had added a crazy amount of shows.  SEVEN.  And there were still tickets.  And I wanted to go!

When I got to my Moms, Shannon was there and she wanted to go too.  So we got serious about getting tickets.  I had my phone in the waiting list online.  Shannon was calling.  I was calling.  Then I grabbed my Mom's phone and opened the online waiting list.  We were going to get tickets.  My friend Kelly called and they had gotten another set in the online waiting list.  So went ahead and took those and kept trying.

Finally Shannon got moved into the over the phone waiting list.  And then I got moved into the online order area on my Mom's phone.  Which is how we ended up with our second set of five tickets.  Even better tickets for a different night.  And then we tried again and got four more.  The more tickets the merrier I guess.  Ha.

Then began spreading the tickets out.  Me, Brad, Jen, Shannon, And Nevan took the second set of five.  Jessie, Josh, and another friend of mine took the first five.  And then my Mom and Dad took the set of four.

Garth Brooks here we come!

Concert night!

It was amazing.  Seriously just amazing.  He puts on such a show.  Best ever!  We had such a good time!

And even better, the kids had a great time too.  With my cousin Haylie!  The best kind of adult nights happen when you have fun and you know your kids are in good hands!

Now I want to go to all the concerts!  ALL of them!

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