Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Tree Hunting

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is our tree hunt. Every year my family gets out to a local tree farm and we search for the perfect Christmas tree. Every year my husband also wonders why we can't get a Charlie Brown tree. Nope. I just can't do it. I love a big perfect full Christmas tree.    And so far the kids are with me so no Charlie Brown tree.

Our current favorite farm involves a hay ride up the mountain to get to more trees.  It wasn't entirely necessary this year as the good trees were about a quarter of the way up.  But we wanted the full experience so we rode up.  And then trekked down to find our tree.

Olivia found one her size!

And then had to pee.  Where there were no bathrooms.  So peeing in the woods it was.  I was just so grateful that it wasn't cold enough for snow pants.  Because OMG can you imagine.

My favorite littles!

And away she goes.

We found our tree!  Everyone loved it.  So obviously per tradition I needed a photo of all of us with our tree.  Except not everyone was in agreement about that.  Particularly the oldest of us.  My husband.

It's a good thing I love these people.  Because these photos.  I just can't even.  Real life y'all.

My two favorite kiddos.  With our tree.

Since Jen and the girls moved here this summer this is the first year that we've all gotten to celebrate Christmas and all of the traditions of it together.  So obviously we told them to come along on our tree hunt.  Madison was in on the search for the perfect tree and when she found hers she called me over to look too!  It was a good one!

Helping Daddy cut our tree down.  Preston's got this.

While the boys cut our tree down and dragged it out to the road, Liv and I went and found Avayah to see how their hunt was going.

They found it!  Now if only Nevan could figure out how to cut it down!  Ha!

Back down to pay for our trees and wait while they shake them all out.  And for my parents and Marrissa to find their tree.  They took forever and a day!  While we waited, we took pictures.

And then home with our tree!

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