Saturday, November 4, 2017

Avayah Turns Three

It's Avayah's birthday! Big girl is three. Obviously she had to have her birthday at the gymnastics place after how much fun we had at Gabby's party there.

Fun was had again!  The kids built forts.  We raced.  And jumped.  And burned off all our energy!

Then presents!  Practically the best part when you're three.

Liv's favorite part was the cupcakes.  Of course.  She was asking for them pretty much the moment we walked in.

We went to dinner to celebrate Avayah's birthday.  Originally we were going to Red Robin but they had an hour wait.  And nobody had time for that.  Hop Jacks it was!

Hanging with her favorite Auntie!

I promised Avayah that she could come over and play the next day since when it's your birthday you can do whatever you want and Vey wanted to play with Liv!

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