Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Olivia's Preschool Field Trip

Pumpkin patch field trips are my favorite!

I think Olivia was pretty excited too. Preston was jealous.  You don't get pumpkin patch field trips when you're a big fourth grader.

The sun even came out.

Checking out the pigs and the cabin.

Group chat about living on a farm and what we were going to be doing on our field trip.  Plus bats!  Because their little house was right there and bat starts with B!

Time for a hay ride around the farm to check things out!

Look at all those smarty pants who know all the answers!

It's time to visit the orchards!  Everyone gets to learn about the apples and pick one!


Picking her best apple.

What's better than picking your best apple?  Doing so with friends!

After we picked our apples, we headed over to the hay maze.  And Olivia became a sunflower!

And a farmer.

A ladybug.

And the kids raced around the maze.  Literally raced.

Haystack mountain!  Our class made it!

Into the pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin.

She found one!  Those suckers are hard to pull off the vine.

Hanging with my best girl.

While I put our pumpkins in the car and a few layers the class headed over to hear the pumpkin talk!

Best part?  The donuts and cider.  At least in my opinion!  Olivia seemed to enjoy too.

We headed home from a fun field trip!  I'm going to miss these pumpkin patch field trips when all of my babies are too big.  Good thing we can go as a family!

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