Sunday, October 29, 2017

Disney On Ice

You guys. Disney On Ice. It's my fave. Well one of them. All things Disney are pretty much my jam. Especially this one. I've been going to Disney On Ice since I was a kid. My Grandpa would take us and I just loved that special time with him.

The kid all dressed up.  Olivia was Elsa.  A last minute change from Anna.  Preston was Kylo Ren.  Because duh.  And Avayah was Cinderella.

Look at these two girls. I just super puffy heart love them.

So that they weren't standing two steps into walking in and with all these other random people bind them.  Behold the random wall.  Also take notice to the new accessories.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

With the best grandparents.  Who spend a fortune at the souvenir counter.  And go to Disney On Ice so they can watch it with the kids.

My Mom is a sucker for all the things you can do when you go to these kinds of things.  Like the photo booth.  And she dragged my Dad in too.  But look how cute they all look.

Time for the show!

It was good!  I didn't love the Toy Story.  Because it's been overdone.  But I loved the rest of it.  And the flying through the air was awesome!  The kids all loved it too!  Every year I wonder how many more of these I'll be able to get Preston to go to.  But every year he still loves it and I call it a win!

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