Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse

I didn't realize what a big deal the solar eclipse was until all of a sudden I realized it. And by then it was too late. Not that it mattered. We were in a 92% area. So it wasn't like home wasn't going to be a good place to watch. But I would have tried to get to 100%. Only. My sister got married Sunday at 3pm. And the solar eclipse was Monday. Not gonna work.

We made the best of it. A friend of mine posted about a friend of hers who had legit glasses for sale about a month prior. I jumped on that ship so fast. And stocked up for me, Jen, Shannon, and my Mom. This was a big deal and we weren't missing it.

Morning of we packed snacks and lunch.  Grabbed our glasses and headed up to a park to wait.

The kids were pretty excited.  Well Preston was.  I'm not sure Liv was really all that sure Liv fully realized how cool it was.

It was time!

The kids did think it was awesome once we were at 92% totality.  It was crazy how dark it did get.  And, for lack of a better word, creepy it felt.  Just slightly off.

Best part about watching the eclipse at a park is that when it was over the kids could play!

I'm honestly not sure what part they liked the best.  I may have already started planning ahead for the next one and how to get us into the path of totality.  It's going to be awesome.

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