Monday, July 17, 2017

Wine Night

Kate's in town! So we obviously had to take her to get wine.

I met them at Jen's and made Harper take a picture with me. I'm not sure she was as thrilled as I was.

Wine down!  And empty.  Oops.

Winery selfie.  It's a must.

Wine glass selfie.  How cute is this.

Had to go take photos with the view.

I wonder if this has something to do with the empty wine bottle.

We traded taking their photo for them taking ours.  Then we all became friends and had to take a photo together.

It's time to leave.  And they won't let us take our wine out.  So I drank it.  BAD idea.

Made friends while waiting for our Uber.  This is Sienna.

After chugging what was left in the wine bottle, my night with downhill.  Not even going to lie.  Don't do that guys!

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