Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vacation Bible School Week

It's Vacation Bible School week!  Preston was somewhat excited.  Liv was completely unsure.  They were going to have fun.  I was sure of it.

Downfall.  The yellow shirts. I do not love me a yellow shirt.  Especially on my kids.  But they looked okay.  A photo before I dropped them in their classes.

Headed home after.  So Jen could mow our lawn.  And me and Harper could make some cupcakes!

Look we found Ryan!

I think they had a good first day!

Preston was SO excited to see Zack!  Bummer that because they aren't in the same grade they aren't able to be in the same class.

Love these kiddos.

Look at all these vacation bible school loving kids!  Except Harper.  She's too little. But we let her in the photo anyways.

These kids were so excited to hang out afterwards!  Look how freaking cute they are.  We ran home and grabbed all of our pool gear and headed over to Jen's to do some swimming!

Uncle Matt, Auntie Rissa, and Aunt Kaylee joined us.  Because why not.

When Uncle Matt comes to the pool everyone goes flying.

Grandma and Avayah came too.  It was a regular pool party!

When everyone was nice and tired and sun kissed we headed back to Jens.  To play some more and make some dinner.

Like a fully appropriate adult I helped Madison hide in their hide and seek game.  In the dryer.  It was a kick ass spot to hide!

It was so gorgeous outside that we ate on the deck.  Only problem?  Little Miss Harper.  She went inside and somehow her little ass locked us all out on the deck.  Which was an even bigger problem because she didn't know how to unlock the door.

No one had a key.  I did have my phone.  But no one answered.  And the deck is on the second floor.  Brad suggested tossing Preston down.  Which I refused to allow.  At which point Brad said it would be better if he broke his leg instead of Brad breaking his, because he has to go to work.   His parenting book will be out by the end of summer guys.  Feel free to burn it.

Brad finally did lower himself down off the deck and then fortunately the garage was open so he could go in through that door to open it up for us.

Frosted a cupcake.  We were testing to see if I would be able to frost cupcakes for Preston's party.  Winning.

Back to Vacation Bible School in the morning!  Olivia is LOVING it.  Even Preston is having fun.

Olivia's class ends half an hour earlier than Preston's.  Which is when the worship and singing happens.  Instead of going home and coming back half an hour later we go upstairs and participate.  Harper and Liv were loving the songs and rocking out.

At the end of Vacation Bible School week they host a family bbq.  Obviously we had to go.  Especially because they told the kids and there was just no way it wasn't happening once they knew.

After we ate water fun!  My kids were having such a blast. Have I mentioned how much I love summer?  Because I really just do.

It was a good week of Vacation Bible School!

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