Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Stroll Through The Park

We needed to break free.  Get out.  To the park we went.  With our super awesome splint that doesn't fit Olivia's arm.  That's been fun.  Luckily I got ahold of Shriner's and we're headed there in the morning!  Hopefully to get something that fits much better.

But for now.  The park.

We played in the playground.

Walked around the duck pond.

Saw a Mama and baby duck.

Headed over to the Japanese gardens.  Were very impressed with the koi pond.

Not as impressed when I asked them to smile in front of it.

Found the little waterfall.  My children love me enough to smile there too.

We stopped for lunch.  After hiking to the little cafe that was supposed to be in the park.  Guess what it was closed.  After we hiked to it.  No bueno.  Then the kids started complaining about doing anymore hiking.  Or walking.  Or anything.

So to Target we went.

Because when you don't know what else to do you go to Target.

Five kids.  Target.  It's exhausting.  Especially when you add in icees and they have unlimited energy.

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