Monday, June 12, 2017

Seattle Trip

With Jen moving our way we needed to visit Seattle one last time!

Plus Jen was moving back with us!  What!

Add in Ghan getting married and away we went for a long weekend.

My Mom even came with us.  So she could have an extra day hanging out and I didn't have to drive alone.  Have I mentioned how much I ate driving alone.  Because I do.  Hate it so much.  It's soooooo boring.  Don't wanna.  We got there in time to sleep.  And then got up the next day.  Time for coffee.  We walked Queen Ave.  Visited the park.

We took the kids to the science center.  Our pass was going to expire and I wasn't sure when we would be back.  We were tired.  But figured we'd survive a couple of hours.  

Best part about the day?  Dinner.  Tacos.  Malena's.  I'm going to miss it so very much.  So much.  It's the best.  I want to eat it all the time.

Brad rode up for the weekend with my Dad and my Mom took my car after tacos to meet them.  I gave her very specific directions.  She google mapped and it rerouted her and it wasn't good.  It was such a simple drive.  Like four turns and freeway bam.  Google routed her through downtown.  On a Friday.  When people were getting off work and hitting up happy hour.

Meanwhile.  Me and Jen were getting ready to go out.  It was time for her going away party!

It was so much fun!

We married her off to this guy.  Because why not.

Pretty excited that this girl is going to live so close now!

Up and ready go Saturday.  It's wedding day.  I was super stressed we were going to be late.  And traffic.  We ended up being early.  Isn't that the way it goes.  And I didn't stop for a card because I was so worried that we'd be late.  Freaking a.  I'm never early.

Look at these awesome kids just hanging out looking all cute before wedding time.

Olivia was so excited about the wedding!  And a little confused.  She thought it was Jessie's wedding.  I kept having to tell her later this summer.

Seattle weather in June.  Can be a little iffy.  But it was absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect wedding weather.

Her wedding was in this rustic barn and it was so cute!

Liv was loving the dance floor.  My little dancer.

Look how cute her and my Dad were.

OMG.  I was dying with Olivia over the sparkling cider.  She thought it was wine.  And kept talking about how much she loved the wine.  And can she have more wine.  Please.  Mom it's so good!  I couldn't get myself to correct her.  Just kept giving her more "wine".

After her "wine" she was back to the dance floor.

Meanwhile Preston and Mason.  Over at the table.  On their screens.  Missing out on all the fun.

Preston did get up to dance with Olivia.  How damn cute are these two.  Kind of love them.

More wedding fun.

And back to Jen's.  Meghan and Kern were there so the kids were excited to play.

We had more Malenas.  Because why not.  Packed some boxes.  Drank some wine.  Hung out.

Because the next morning it was moving day.  It took way longer than we thought it would to get everything packed and out and cars loaded and kids ready.  Story of life.  And that was with Jen having movers come load it all up.

Three cars.  Brad took our car full of things.  I took Jen's with all the kids.  And Jen took the big ole moving van.

It was touch and go for a little bit there.  Okay not really the kids were rockstars.  I just hate driving by myself!

We got home late.  But had to come back when we did because Preston has a friend trip tomorrow!

Good-bye Seattle.  Not sure when we'll see you again.  But it's been fun.