Friday, May 12, 2017

Mom's Week At School

Best part about Mother's Day's all about Mom!

When you're Mom that's a good thing!

Olivia invited me to tea at preschool.

There were snacks and decorations.

The kids sang us a song. So freaking adorable!

Then we got to sit and open our gifts and snack on cookies and goodies.

Best part was Olivia's "All About My Mom". Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I mean you guys she loves me more than butterflies!  That's a big deal!

I made the kids take some photos with me after.  Because Olivia and I were both wearing our tutu skirts.

The next day was Preston's Morning with Mom at school.  Donuts and fun!

All this before we even got to actual Mother's Day!

I'm a pretty lucky Mama!

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