Monday, April 3, 2017

Oregon Coast Day Three

Everyone is feeling better!  So we have a whole day of catching up to do.

Starting with donuts.  Duh. 

And away we went.  After donuts and coffee we were on our way to Hug Point to hike down to the waterfall on the beach!

We weren't exactly sure where the waterfall was but then we rounded the corner and there it was!  Rocks and caves and a waterfall.  All on the beach.

The kids loved all of the caves.  And things to check out on the beach. 

But the waterfall was just gorgeous.  I couldn't get over how it was just right there on the beach.

Shannon and Preston hiked up and over the waterfall.

We rounded the corner and there was this really awesome green cave.  So we had to climb up and take some photos!

We wandered into a few more caves.  The kids thought it was so cool.  Not going to lie I think we were all enjoying it.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any prettier, we rounded the corner and found this.

Group photos or it didn't happen.

We hiked over to the other side and found another beach around the corner.  We didn't want to stay too long though.  The reviews warned us not to stay for high tide.  You know what with needing to be able to get back to the car.

I wanted a photo of all of the kids running on the beach.  Only Avayah doesn't love the beach.  But we convinced her to get down and chase Preston and Olivia.  And then she raced to Shannon.  Me and my Mom thinking oh how cute is that.  Only Shannon said by the time she picked Avayah up she was crying.  Poor baby girl. 

One last look and we were back to the car.

Next up was some hiking.  We were headed to Ecola State Park.  How pretty is this drive.

It was just completely gorgeous.  Can't make this up.

And so windy.  We explored a little around the parking lot.  And tried to decide what we were going to do.  Hike here or there.  There were a few trails we could check out.  Plus we wanted some photos.

Also there was this warning.  No biggie. 

The trail we'd read about was closed because of landslides and the crazy wet Spring we were having.  There was another one.  But the sign said for experienced hikers.  And I thought yeah, we're not all that experienced.  My Mom disagreed.  We hike.  Shouldn't that make us experienced.  So away we went.

It didn't hurt that it was so beautiful.  So green.  Hurray for a wet Spring. 

Disadvantage of a wet Spring?  The mud.  Oh the mud.  It was muddy.  At first I thought well it can't get worse.  Then I was like I mean we've come this far!  We can't turn back now.  We can do this.  We've got to be close.

I mean it was really muddy.  So muddy.  Half of the hike was spent trying not to hike on the trail but around it.  Or lifting Liv and Avayah so their shoes wouldn't get stuck.

But when we got down to the beach.  It was worth it.

We hiked that.

Feeling pretty proud of ourselves.  And ignoring that we have to hike back up that.  

For real though.

We rounded the corner and look there was another waterfall.  Another one!

We had to get up close to take a look at it.

To the beach.  Where Preston kept begging for a sneaker wave.  And while I'm not sure it qualifies it did sneak up on us.  We ended up hopping up on rocks.  And Preston almost didn't make it home with us when he refused to go the direction I told him to go and I couldn't see him for about two seconds and about lose my mind.  He might be the death of me.  For sure is the reason for the little gray hairs I've found a few of.

File this under things I make everyone do and they love me for anyways.  More photos on the beach.

I mean the sun was setting and it was just so pretty!

My best girl getting her run on down the beach.

Isn't she just the cutest.

The beach really is just Preston and Olivia's happy place.

Even Avayah was loving running on this beach.

Me and my babies.  No one else I'd want to run from the waves with.

Then it was time to say good-bye to the beach and head back into the mud.

And it was still muddy.  So muddy.

By the time we got back, you almost couldn't tell what color our shoes started out as.  But it was fun.  And so worth it.

Check us out. 

We hid our shoes in the back of the van. Made our way back to the condo.  We needed to shower.  And eat.  And relax.  Vacation time!  But mostly shower.

And we ate at my favorite little cafe in Seaside.  So much food.  So good.  And the clam chowder.  Mmmmmmmm.  Plus we definitely earned it after all the hiking.  

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