Saturday, April 1, 2017

Oregon Coast Day One

We woke up to fog and drizzle on our first day at the coast.

We weren't super surprised.  And came prepared.  Rain boots.  Rain coats.  Warm clothes.  And of course sand toys.

Plus Preston and Olivia just love the ocean.  Rain or shine. 

Olivia and Avayah paused to play in the sand for a little bit. 

While Preston headed straight into the water.

The girls eventually made their way down to the water.

It was cold.  And not just the water.  It was just plain cold all together.  And yet it was still the ocean so Preston and Olivia just didn't care. 

Look how dang cute they were running along the beach.  All the heart eyes. 

Before Preston needed to head out farther than Olivia could handle.

Olivia tried to convince Avayah to come down too.  She was feeling a little bit nervous about the water.

Avayah wasn't feeling the ocean or the cold.  But that didn't stop Olivia from joining in on the fun.

And chasing the seagulls. 

Me and my favorite littles. 

Olivia chases the birds on the beach.  Preston chases them in the water.

Full disclosure, I bribed them for this photo with fruit snacks.  No shame in my game. 

We headed back to the condo for food.  And to change clothes.  Well to change Preston and Olivia's clothes because they were wet. 

My Mom wanted to wander downtown Seaside and check out the shops.  Plus the kids wanted to ride the carousel. 

We did some more shopping.  And browsing. Coffee was a necessity.  

Found this cute hat for my girl.  I mean come on.  It has elephants and it's pink

Decided to run over to the outlet mall and look around. 

And then back for dinner.  We walked over to get some dinner. 

And played on Snapchat while we waited for a table. 

Somehow after dinner, I got conned into going swimming.  It was cold.  So cold.  But Shannon was taking Avayah.  And Preston and Liv wanted to go too. 

We didn't last long.  It was freezing.  Even with the heated pool.  Any part of you that was out of water was cold. 

Back to the condo for warmth!

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