Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Oregon Coast Day Four

We headed to the aquarium this morning.

But first my girl insisted on her sparkly dress.  And sparkle flats.  And an Oona hairstyle.  For those not in the know Oona is the mermaid on Sofia the first.  And she wears her hair in a ponytail.  As does Olivia.  With her sparkle clothes.  

But first.  Coffee.

We hopped in line outside and waited to get in and feed the seals!  The kids were so excited!

The seals were so cute.  And you'd think they wouldn't be hungry but they totally were.

And then into the aquarium to see what they had to show us.

The octopus was a hit.  I missed the best part but Preston saw it and Shannon got photos.  It moved from one side of the tank to the other!

Liv obviously declared it Hank.  Because Finding Dory.  And he was so the best character if you ask her. 

Grandma and her grandbabies!  Only they aren't babies anymore.  Sob.

Back to looking around to see all the goodies. 

The touch tanks!  Preston jumped right in.  Liv needed a few minutes.  Preston was such a good big brother and helped encourage her to be brave.

Preston got to hold a snail too!

Then more touch tanks.  Starfish. Anemones.  Spiky things.

True story the kids favorite part of the entire aquarium was this coloring station.  You could color over the stencils.  They had to do all of them.  And we took a stack of papers home.

One more time back to feed the seal.  The kids were pros this time.  And it was empty.  Way better than our first time through. 

It started to drizzle on the way back to our condo.  But I made everyone stop for a minute so that I could buy Olivia's hat.  And we found one for Preston too.  Well found one for him just for a minute.  Then I asked and checked the Volcom website.  Why you ask?  Because more times than I want to admit I've brought home something for Preston and Brad informs me that it's actually womens. Not mens.  Who knew.  Guess what the hat was?  Yep totally a girls.  It was cute though!

With the rain and no actual plan for the day, my Mom decided it would be a good day for a road trip and a little exploring. Her and my Dad had driven up to Cape Disappointment and she said it was beautiful.  So away we went.  After we loaded up all of the things.  A change of clothes.  Shoes.  Snacks.  Coats. Hats.  Everything.  Because of the rain. 

She was right though, it was beautiful.

When we got there, it was rough.  Windy.  Raining.  Cold.  The waves were going hard.  But we opted not to let that stop us.

My Mom pulled up in one of the lots and there was a jetty and me and Preston hopped out to take a look.  We didn't go far.  But we looked around. 

We went back to the car and followed the road down to another lot.  Closer to the jetty.  My Mom originally had stayed in the car because the girls were sleeping.  We decided it was cool enough that we should wake them up and all head out to check it out.  

Also that some bundling up was going to be necessary because it was cold! 

All of us headed out.  Staying close and watching the waves crash hard into the sides of the jetty.  This rock barrier was there and we slid though it to go a little bit farther.

By this point my Mom and Vey had given up and hightailed it back to the car.  It was cold.  And the wind was blowing hard.  Like so hard that after we passed through the rock wall I made Preston stay right next to me and held Olivia in fear that it would knock her down.

It was pretty cool to watch how hard the waves were crashing into the rocks.  And Shannon found a seal in the water. 

But alas we didn't last very long.  Or go out all that far.  It was just too windy and too cold and wet and we had the kids with us.  So one last photo and we headed back to the car too.

It was a rainy but pretty drive back.  I originally wanted to walk up to see the lighthouse and we even went and found the lot.  But my Mom remembered it not being right there and then after calling my Dad for confirmation we decided everyone was wet enough and to head back.

It was decided that we should get Chinese food for dinner.  And after checking yelp we placed an order.  I was so excited! 

You guys.  It wasn't worth the excitement.  It just wasn't very good.  Which was so disappointing.  Ironic that Cape Disappointment was so worth the drive but the Chinese food was just not.  And it was right by the condo.  

Not too shabby of a rainy day adventure at the coast.

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