Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Oregon Coast Day Five

Zoo day! 

It was a rainy day in Seaside.  Which was just perfect because we wanted to take a day to head into Portland and visit the zoo.

We obviously ran later than we planned.  Shocking.  Except it wasn't. 

But look how cute this brad I did on Liv's hair is! 

Oh hello there Mr Bear. 

Best part about rainy days at the zoo?  The animals are up and moving around.  And really it wasn't bad weather in Portland.  A little drizzly. But not the rain we left in Seaside. 

Plus Liv loves herself some zoo! 

The Oregon Zoo is really just so beautiful.

Look at these little eagles! 

Checking out the fish.

And the otters.

Look at these little cuties!

Preston's very favorite animal.  The cougar! 

I just love this girl!

We walked through just in time to see this little guy.

And pop in to see some snakes and touch them.

Grandma can't turn down a carousel ride so when we passed this one we just absolutely had to stop.

My favorite part.  EVER.  The reason I insisted that we just had to go to the zoo.  You guys.  Nora!  The polar bear.  She's so cute and little!  I've been watching her on facebook and just knew we had to visit her in person!

Not even lying.  I love me some polar bears.  I might have stood there longer and stared at her than everyone else. Even the kids.  Why are polar bears so dang cute!

Into the monkeys!  

Then the kids got to be little monkeys! 

We couldn't find the dang orangutans.  We looked and looked.  No go.

So instead we made our way towards the lions.  And the cheetahs!

But first a quick pit stop. To get the wiggles out.

Lions weren't doing a whole lot of anything.

Cheetahs were just laying around.  Poor Preston.  He loves them.  And after seeing them in San Diego and how fast they really can run we were hoping they'd hop right up and go.

Those lazy bums.  Did make it easy to get a photo of the kids with the cheetahs.

Being a cheetah is so exhausting.

They got up!

Of course then the kids found the jeep and were totally over the cheetahs.  I mean come on guys the cheetahs are up!

Look at those kids!

We didn't really see the lions but we did get to play with them.  Well the statues of them.

Those are some pretty cute little kids!

And on we went.

Preston loved the crocodile.  Or alligator.  I'm not really sure which it was.  But he loved it! 

And Liv found herself some flamingos.

Trying to figure out where we need to go next. 

Sleeping tiger. 

Some more monkeys. 

We paid a visit to the leopard.  While my Mom grabbed more than a few bags of donuts for the kids. 

Walked through to the seals.

I insisted that we visit Nora again.  She was sleeping.  And still so cute.

And then Preston wanted to see the cougar again.   Good thing we went back.  It was the best ever.  There were two cougars.  And one was doing this deep throat growl from up high at the other one.  And then it jumped down and they played and wrestled.  It was so freaking awesome.  We were pretty pumped. 

It had gotten late and the zoo was getting ready to close.  Plus we had to drive all the way back to Seaside.  And you know eat dinner.

But first a few photos on the way out.

On the way out, Shannon even said she wished we had planned to stay the night in Portland.  That b.  We had.  But she didn't want to.  So we didn't.  And instead stayed another day in Seaside.  I told her she didn't get to vote next time.

She did vote on dinner.  The Cheesecake Factory.  She's a crazy and it's one of her favorites. 

I did enjoy my drink.

We played with snapchat while we waited.

The best part.  The cheesecake.  Chocolate and cherry!


We had a blast in Portland for the day.  It really makes me wish one that we could vacation all day every day.  Or you know that we had a zoo.  I guess we'll settle for super awesome spring breaks. 

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