Friday, April 21, 2017

Dash For Cash 2017

April means Dash for Cash month for us at school.  It's a long month.  At least this year it was.  It was my first year volunteering to help with the behind the scenes stuff.  Counting the money the kids are raising.  Handing out prizes.  There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff.  A LOT!  If you don't help your PTSO, go now.  Do it. Help them.  Trust me they do way more than you think they do.  And they can always use your help.  I mean they are doing this for YOUR kids.  Theirs too.  Obviously.  But also yours.  Okay stepping down.  I was just blown away by what goes on every single morning during fund raising month.

Now for the fun.  Jen and the girls were in town.  Dash for Cash is a good time to come see the school and participate in the fun.  I planned that we would run with Preston's grade.  Help with the final morning count.  Meet Preston for lunch.  Run with the current kinders.  Bring ice cream to Preston's class.  You know full day it.

Preston's grade was the first group to run.  So we went to school with him.  Bright and early.  Ha!

His class all ready to go!

These two girls ready to get their race on!

Preston and his best buddy Rylan!

Olivia was on it!  Look at her go!  And then run back to be with me.  Mama doesn't run.  Unless someone is chasing me.

Back again to run with the kinders.  Knowing how competitive Preston's kinder teacher is, we signed up with her group to make sure they got our laps.

We found Izzie!

And Otter Pops!  Winning.

We had some time to kill so we stuck around for a couple recesses.  The sun was out and the weather was great so it seemed like a good time to enjoy it!

Then to Preston's class to share some ice cream treats with them!  To say way to go guys!

Considering it was Preston's school event you would think I would have all of these photos of him. Nope. He was so busy running around and hanging with his friends that he wasn't hanging with us!  

Best news was that our school hit our goal!  We raised just over what we were trying to do!  Way to go kids!!  

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