Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Mid March Walk

It wasn't freezing. And we were desperate to get outside.  Winter feels like it's gone on forever!

We ended up on the centennial trail with my parents and Marrissa for light walk/hike/whatever you want to call it.

A run if you are Liv and Riss.

We found some marmots.

Selfied on a bridge.

Liv caught a ride from Brad.

The river was so impressive!  After all the snow and cold the water was just flowing!  We had to take some photos with it.  We just couldn't believe how high it was.

She wanted to go shopping.  I wasn't feeling it.  Sorry little miss.

Liv and Auntie Rissa were going to go shopping on their own.  Peace out.  They didn't last long.  I'm sure it's because they both need their Moms for money.

A stroll past the big red wagon of course had to include some slides down it.

Preston found a tree stump.  And declared it his!

A boy and his Papa!

My Dad and his favorite grandkids.  Ha!

My littles and their favorite grandparents!

My kids got pretty lucky in the grandparent department.  My parents also got pretty lucky in the grandkid department.  It's a pretty win win situation!

Olivia needed a photo just her.  She's been doing this lately.  Needing a piece of the pie just for herself.  And that's okay.

My Mom wasn't ready to be done hanging out and convinced all of us go to pizza afterwards.

I really need it to not be winter anymore.  Spring we're ready for you!

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