Friday, March 31, 2017

Headed To The Oregon Coast

It's Spring Break!

Well almost. But close enough. We're skipping school and starting Spring Break early.

My Mom rented a condo in Seaside. Rented a minivan. We loaded the car the night before. We were ready. Off early Friday morning.  Me, the kids, my Mom, Shannon, and Avayah.

Spring Break here we come!

We left early.  Thinking the kids would sleep.  We would drive.  Big plans to stop in Portland.  Ha!  The kids didn't sleep.  We didn't leave as early as we wanted.  I forgot my swim suit.  So we had to stop in Portland so I could buy one.  And then ended up deciding to just push through and get to Seaside and grab groceries and settle in.

But first.  We drove.  And drove.  And drove.

Look at the pretty mountain. 

I told my Mom and Shannon that stopping at Chick-Fil-A was not negotiable.  And since it pretty much shared a parking lot with Target and I needed that swim suit it was a perfect match.

It was the grand opening!  So the kids got to pick a prize.

We pushed through to make it to Seaside.  And then unloaded.  Ran to Costco.  Grabbed some Mexican food.  And finally crashed out back in Seaside.  Exhausted.  But on Spring Break at the ocean!

Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day fell on a Friday this year. Which means nothing to me because I have kids and I don't go out on St Patrick's Day anymore.

But falling on a Friday meant that it was my volunteer day in Preston's class.  So me and Liv had somewhere to be and needed to get our green on!

Before we left for school I made the kids stand at the fence and smile in all their green!

Sometimes I really just think it's so terrible that Preston has no personality.  Just none at all.  HA!

And away we went to school.

While I was working with the class, Olivia got lucky and Lindsey still needed to do some reading so which the teacher's approval she read to Liv.  Lindsey loves Liv and Liv loves Lindsey so it was a perfect fit!

After school got out I heard rumor that their were tour buses in the parking lot at a bar not far from us.  And by rumor I mean my husband told me he saw them on his way home.  Since Eric Church was in town I fuh-reaked out.  What if it was him.  I mean OMG.  So obviously I called Kelly.  And we came up with a plan.  We were on the Eric Church hunt.

We didn't find him.  But we were kid free.  So we did find ourselves some green beer.

We eventually went home.  And by eventually I do mean when it was time to eat.  And our kids needed us.  And we had finished the one beer.  Home to order pizza and let the kids keep playing and make some margaritas.  Leprechauns like tequila don't they?

Plus Avayah was coming over for a sleepover.  Because Shannon and Nevan did have tickets to see Eric Church.  Assholes.

But that did mean we got to hang with Vey.  So we won.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Mid March Walk

It wasn't freezing. And we were desperate to get outside.  Winter feels like it's gone on forever!

We ended up on the centennial trail with my parents and Marrissa for light walk/hike/whatever you want to call it.

A run if you are Liv and Riss.

We found some marmots.

Selfied on a bridge.

Liv caught a ride from Brad.

The river was so impressive!  After all the snow and cold the water was just flowing!  We had to take some photos with it.  We just couldn't believe how high it was.

She wanted to go shopping.  I wasn't feeling it.  Sorry little miss.

Liv and Auntie Rissa were going to go shopping on their own.  Peace out.  They didn't last long.  I'm sure it's because they both need their Moms for money.

A stroll past the big red wagon of course had to include some slides down it.

Preston found a tree stump.  And declared it his!

A boy and his Papa!

My Dad and his favorite grandkids.  Ha!

My littles and their favorite grandparents!

My kids got pretty lucky in the grandparent department.  My parents also got pretty lucky in the grandkid department.  It's a pretty win win situation!

Olivia needed a photo just her.  She's been doing this lately.  Needing a piece of the pie just for herself.  And that's okay.

My Mom wasn't ready to be done hanging out and convinced all of us go to pizza afterwards.

I really need it to not be winter anymore.  Spring we're ready for you!