Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

So funny story. Both kids had Valentine's Day parties this year. Yay both kids being in school. Both teachers sent home lists of prep or their class parties. Yay!  I set both of them aside because life.  And then briefly remembered that one of the lists said we needed to build a Valentine box.  But I was positive it was Olivia. What with her being the preschool.  It made the most sense.  Fast forward to the morning before Valentines Day and I find the paper.  Guess what?  Not Olivia.  Totally Preston.  I did a quick Pinterest search, ran all over town for the supplies, and then we had a family craft and Valentine prep night. 

Preston working on his Valentines. Brad cutting.  Me gluing.  Liv just being cute.  Serious business happening in our house. 

Look how awesome his Minecraft themed Valentine's Day box turned out!  I was pretty freaking impressed! 

Valentine's Day!  My pretty girl all dressed for her class party.

Gym on Valentine's Day!  Ha! In her skirt and tights and ballet flats.  A girls gotta do.

Olivia's favorite part.  Opening her valentines! 

Then we had to hustle.  From Olivia's class party to Preston's.  We missed the end of hers and the start of his.

Preston's was a lot more chaos filled than Liv's.  You wouldn't think so what with third graders vs preschoolers.  But all the sugar! 

I did make my favorite two kids take a photo together when they got home.  Because they looked so dang cute in their red and pink!

The cutest ever!  

Me and Brad celebrated with take out.  Because that's how we roll on Valentine's Day. 

Happy Valentine's Day all!

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