Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jump N Bounce

Winter is soooooo long.  And so not my favorite season.  Like at all.

I was on the hunt for something exciting to do.  Eventually I remembered that we have a bounce place not too far away.  I always forget it's there because we used to have one within five minutes of us and it closed and this one being thirty minutes away means we just never visited it.

We invited Shannon and Avayah and away we went!

Olivia loved it!  It was definitely her jam.

Avayah wasn't so sure.  It was a lot going on.  She did love the tubes and tunnels.  But not so sure about the bouncers.

Me and my best girl!

Right before it was time to leave, Vey decided she liked one of the jumping houses!

Olivia wanted a picture in front of their mural when I was putting her shoes on.

Since we were close to the Costco that isn't normally our Costco we had to go do some shopping.  The girls were begging for this dollhouse.  Wanted it so bad!

Shannon might have had to go into the clubhouse to pull Avayah out.  Ha!

Not too bad for a winter day!

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