Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jump N Bounce

Winter is soooooo long.  And so not my favorite season.  Like at all.

I was on the hunt for something exciting to do.  Eventually I remembered that we have a bounce place not too far away.  I always forget it's there because we used to have one within five minutes of us and it closed and this one being thirty minutes away means we just never visited it.

We invited Shannon and Avayah and away we went!

Olivia loved it!  It was definitely her jam.

Avayah wasn't so sure.  It was a lot going on.  She did love the tubes and tunnels.  But not so sure about the bouncers.

Me and my best girl!

Right before it was time to leave, Vey decided she liked one of the jumping houses!

Olivia wanted a picture in front of their mural when I was putting her shoes on.

Since we were close to the Costco that isn't normally our Costco we had to go do some shopping.  The girls were begging for this dollhouse.  Wanted it so bad!

Shannon might have had to go into the clubhouse to pull Avayah out.  Ha!

Not too bad for a winter day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Seattle In February

Conference week mixed in with Presidents Day meant we had a long long weekend.  And nothing to do.  So to Seattle we went!

I just wanted to make it over the pass before it got dark.  Wouldn't think that was going to be a problem.   I had plenty of time.  Until I hit traffic.  And then it was foggy.  And raining.  And just crap crap weather.  So of course I hit the pass right after it got dark.  While it was freezing.  And raining.  And did I mention dark.  It was a nightmare.  My nightmare.  They are working on the freeway near the pass.  And it's super narrow.  And I couldn't see the lines on the road.  Because they weren't painted just yet.  I ended up driving at about 50mph.  Instead of 70mph.  It took the rest of forever just to get through that part.

I've never been so grateful to see this. 

Jen said when I arrived, it was obvious that the pass hadn't been fun.  And that it took me a good half hour to seem like I'd calmed down.  I might have threatened to never leave.  Just so I didn't have to drive home.

I did have a laugh the next morning wiht this one.

Madison had a modeling job the next day and really wanted us to come watch!  We were pretty excited to see her in action!

But first I had Liv hold my coffee while I paid for parking and looked over and realized she pretty much looked like a regular in Seattle.

Madison was finishing up and asked Olivia to hop in and take a few photos with her.  It was kind of adorable!

 In true first day of vacation, we spent the rest of the day running errands.  And being exhausted.  Also Target.  Always Target.

We got back fed the kids, put them to bed, and ordered some PF Changs.  Brad isn't a huge fan and ours isn't close to us so I was pretty excited.  And ordered just about one of everything.

Up the next day for some fun.  At the zoo!

We happened to walk in just in time to see that they were feeding the penguins and we could too!

The kids were so excited to get to feed them and learn a few new facts about penguins.

Aren't they cute.

After the penguins we made our way into the tropical rainforest.  Preston always loves the snakes in there.  We kept an eye out for our friend Zookeeper Nick.  As luck would have it we happened to see him!  I asked him if he happened to remember us from a couple years back and he invited us back to chat again.  Preston's whole day was made.  He took us back to see all of the snakes and goodies.

We learned that the snakes at the zoo are in fact venomous.  Preston was both shocked and totally intrigued to hear that.  Nick wrote him out a list of book and guides that he could read to learn more about snakes.  And gave him his email if he had any questions.  Best day ever!

We were off to see more animals.

Baby kangaroo!  In mama's pouch and then out and back in.

Wolves and bears!  Oh my.

I kind of love these four little monsters!

Olivia's favorite, the flamingos!

Self timer for the win.

Then everyone had to stop and take a few photos.

Look at these four!

The kids were begging to go play in the play area and we had a little bit of time left so we made our way there.

Getting into the zoo.  Like the little animals they are.

I promised they could play, if they took some photos too!  It was a fair trade!

We left the zoo and headed to the car.  Only to have to climb back out to see the bunny hopping through the grass by where we parked.

Everyone went home more than just a little exhausted.  A day at the zoo will do that to you.

It was raining the next day.  And it drained us a little bit.  By us I do in fact mean me and Jen.  Not the kids.  Nothing ever drains them.  We lazed around for the morning.  Debated going to the science center.  We were tired.  But we had promised the kids.  And were running out of time before we headed home to make it work. Finally we pulled ourselves together and headed out for the afternoon.

Good thing too because the kids had an absolute blast.  We were only there for a couple of hours but everyone left tired. And so hungry.

It was Malena's for dinner.  Best tacos EVER!  Ever.  I'm going to miss this place so much when Jen moves.  So much.  I want to eat them every day for the rest of my life.

Somehow tacos turned into tacos and margaritas.  Margaritas for me and Jen.  Not the kids.  And if we're being real, my kids didn't even have tacos.  No way.  That's a torture tactic if you ask them.  She made me eat tacos.  The horror.

And then one margarita became two.  And Olivia wanted to have a dance party.  Harper wanted to shake it.  And we were powerless to stop it.  Thus began what would turn into a music blasting five plus hour dance party with the kids.  Jen's poor neighbors probably thought we were having an actual party.  Nope.  Just us and the kids.  And some margaritas.

Eventually Harper couldn't hang so she went to bed.

The bigs didn't want to have a dance party with us for a while.  Lame!

Eventually we convinced Madison.  And then she was all about accessorizing her dancing.  Jen's shoes.  Outfit changes.  Girl had some moves.  Some serious moves.  We might have expressed some concern about her moves when she gets bigger!  Ha!

Me and Madison rocked out.

Liv got jealous.  She's not sharing her Mama yo.

Me and Liv got down.

We discovered that Liv's jam (her fight song if you will) is the song "This Is My Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.  Girlfriend was belting it out.  And wanted us to play it over and over again!

At some point we convinced Preston to get up and hang out with us.  But then he saw me try to take a video of him and he was over it.

We did yoga.  We limboed.  We danced it all out.

Liv eventually was just too tired.  It was late.  She sat down on the bean bag and started to fall asleep so I moved her into our bed.

There wasn't a whole lot left to do for me and Jen.  Except karaoke to Celine Dion.  Because she is our jam.  And finish the margaritas.  We ran out of limes.  It was rough.  We ate mac and cheese and leftover tacos.  Laughed so hard.  Realized Preston was still quietly playing video games.  And finally went to bed around 2am I think.

To say that fun was had would definitely be a true statement!

The next morning was rough.  But made better when Liv and I left to go see Jenny and meet baby Sean!  I love me some babies!  And he was just too cute!

We picked up more tacos.  Lazed around.  Watched some shows.  I packed.  Because we were heading home the next day.  And early.  No way was I hitting the pass in the dark again.

I didn't.  It was raining.  And that wasn't fun. But at least it wasn't dark and I could see the road.

Home again home again.  Thanks for a fun time in Seattle Jen!