Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Olivia's First Haircut

Baby girls hair has been a little ragged at the ends. It makes brushing it not very fun for anyone in our house. So we scheduled her first haircut!

She was excited.  And a little nervous.  It helped a lot when I told her it was going to be fun because we were just going to go see Gavin's Mom.  Who just so happens to be my hairdresser.  Versus some random stranger person.

Here's her before.  Not too great since I was attempting to show her hair. But we were dealing with some nerves and I wanted a photo while also trying to convince her how fun this was going to be.

Can you tell she still wasn't so sure?

It took a few minutes and then she realized how awesome getting a haircut is!

My big girls first haircut!

It's not a style session if you don't get some curls!

I think it's safe to say she did have so much fun!  And can't wait to go back again!

The only part she didn't love was that I got a haircut next. And she declared that it took forever.  Not as much fun waiting while it's someone else's turn.  Ha!

We went home and celebrated with a few rounds of Memory.

Look how pretty her hair looks!

I just love having a little girl! 

Monday, January 9, 2017


Snow day. Snow day! SNOW DAY!

Did you get that? Snow day. Preston was overjoyed. SNOW! And no school. What more could a third grader ask for.

On the other hand, I'm not a fan of snow.  Or being cold.  But I sucked it up.  Because I love Preston.  And he was so dang excited.  So we went and found some sleds.  They were almost all cleared out.  Picked up Auntie Rissa. And away we went.  After we put on our five million sixty three layers.  All the layers.

Hiking up the hill. With the kids.  And the sleds.  In all the layers.  Meant I wasn't cold anymore.  Ha!

Some photos before we took to the slopes!

Preston was ready to go.  No fear in that one.  He wanted to hit the jumps.  Go even higher to the really big slopes.

Liv needed to go with someone.  Even the "small" hill was a big hill.  Only problem was that me and her fitting on the sled at the same time meant my legs straight and then we'd hit the jumps or even the lumps and my feet would hit the ground and snow would spray up in our faces. It took a few tries to get the hang of it.  But she loved it!

And our last run down the hill, Liv wanted to go by herself.  She rocked it.  I was impressed.  Probably all that practice trying to keep up with Preston!

I might not love the snow.  Or winter. But sledding was a lot of fun! And we're pretty lucky that Auntie Rissa is always down for some fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mason's Seventh Birthday Party

It's not every day you turn seven. And have a party!

Mason's seven and that's cause for celebration.  Chuck E Cheese celebrating!


After presents comes cake.  Olivia's favorite part of a birthday party!

Rocking his present from Grandpa and Grandma.

Mason and Kyle!

Happy Seventh Birthday Mason!  Auntie Kim loves you!