Saturday, December 10, 2016

Princesses And Cupcakes

Izzie had a birthday party.  A full blown girl party.  Olivia was so excited.  We met at a cupcake place.  Where the girls got to decorate cupcakes.  Then Anna came to read and play and do crafts!  What more could you want when you're turning six?  Or when you're three like Olivia.

The cupcakes were pretty freaking fun.  Not even going to lie, I loved it.  Thinking it would be a great idea for a girls night with wine.  For sure.

Olivia didn't want to put the frosting on hers so I did and then she decorated. 

Pretty cute right?  The little girl and the cupcakes!

Birthday girl hugs!

The cupcakes didn't take as long as expected.  The kids made quick work of them.  Because well their kdis.  That's what they do.  So Izzie go to open her presents too!

Before the main event!  Anna!  The kids were waiting for her by the door they were so excited.

She came in and greeted the kids, then they got started on some letters to Santa.  Olivia got to sit by Santa and she kept looking over at her and just giggling.  Like being in Anna's presence was just too much!

Anna gave the girls each a tiara and some magical glitter.  All I could think while Olivia was getting hers done was how long will it take to wash that out.  Ha!

Story time!

Cake!  Omgoodness the cake.  It was so beautiful.  And tasted so good. 

My sweet girl and Anna!

Pictures with Anna!

Picking favorite cupcakes.

It was getting close to time for Anna to leave and head back to Arrendale, so the girls took some photos with her.

Hugs Anna!  Big hugs!  This from the girl who was terrified at Disneyland.  Makes me so excited to go back!

Happy Birthday Izzie!

Olivia had a blast!  Way to throw a birthday party Izzie!

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