Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Preston's Christmas Concert

My big boy and his third grade music concert.

Hanging out with Payton before the concert.  

We got their early.  Like not messing around early.  They did back to back concerts.  First one ending followed by the second.  Preston's being the second.  So we got there while the first was finishing up.  And then I might have gone seat to seat checking to see if anyone was staying or going.  Excuse me can I please have your seat?  You're not using it are you?  Thank you!    

It's time to sing!  Preston is always always in the back.  Problems of being tall.

My boy thought he was hilarious in that he'd smile and then watch me lift my camera and stop smiling just so I wouldn't actually get proof of him smiling.

Olivia was pretty proud of her big brother!

The kids did awesome!

Preston's class sang .

Preston's class!  And a few extras.

Preston headed to the cafeteria with his class afterwards where parents could pick them up.  I sent Brad to get him while I hung out with everyone in the gym.  We took a few photos.

And then a few more with Preston when he arrived!

Happy Christmas concert Preston!  You rocked it!

And thanks to everyone who came to watch him perform!

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