Thursday, December 8, 2016

Olivia's Christmas Concert

Olivia had her first preschool Christmas concert!  it was the cutest thing ever!

I was so nervous that she was going to be so nervous.  I know right.

I was also so excited and determined to have great seats so after I picked Preston up from school me and him ran up to preschool and threw some sweatshirts and blankets down to save seats in the first two rows.  We were not messing around.

We got there early to claim our seats and drop pretty girl off with her class.  She was nervous but so excited!

Being in the front row worked out perfect.  Not only because we could see Olivia but because she could see us.  I think it helped!

Preston had some fun messing with snap chat with Shannon while we waited for the kids to come out.

She was a little pro.  Walked right in and waved like a big girl.

She had quite the group in the audience for her. Brad, me, Preston, Shannon, Nevan, Avayah, Matt, Kaylee, Grandpa, and Grandma.  We were all there!

The kids sang their songs. I wasn't sure how many Olivia would know because she had missed a few days of preschool but she rocked it!  Her favorite song might have been Jingle Bells.  She'd been practicing.

Her little class did so awesome!  I was so impressed.  A bunch of little three year olds singing and dancing their hearts out.

With her fan club.

My best girl!

My best littles.

We had some cookies and made sure Olivia knew how proud we were of her after and then headed home!

Cutest little first concert for my girl!

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