Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mason's Christmas Concert

Mason's school does their Christmas concert a little different. They rent out a huge concert hall downtown and the whole school performs in the middle of the afternoon. It was kind of awesome. Except that it was midday on a weekday.

And packed. Like crazy packed. The whole school and all of their parents.

When we got there Jessie had saved seats in the far back for us. But chance luck when I went down for photos there were all these open seats on the lower level. Yes please.

Mason's grade sang in the middle of the concert.  He was of course front row.  Short kid advantages.

Mason did awesome.  Jessie wasn't sure how he would do because he doesn't love big crowds.  But he did awesome! 

Disadvantages of a whole school concert is that we didn't just watch Mason.  We watched everyone.  And when it was all over the whole school hopped back on their buses to go back.  So I didn't get to take any photos with him.  Boo!

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