Monday, December 12, 2016

Girls Wine Night

One of my favorite nights of the year!  Girls Christmas wine dinner!  Okay less on the dinner.  Heavy on the wine.  We have priorities.

Kelly was feeling very spotlighted in her spot on the couch. 

My bestie!

The best kind of friends!

A few glasses (ahem bottles) in we decided that we should make a human pyramid for our photos.  Makes total sense. 

Then Aja said she could totally bench press me.  So I called her on it.  It was only slightly hysterical.

One of the best parts about these wine nights is that for a few hours, we don't have to be Moms.  Or wives.  Or adults.  We just get to be friends.  And have fun and be completely ridiculous.

I'm so very blessed to have these ladies in my life! 

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