Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cruise To The North Pole

Santa Clause we're coming for you!

We bought tickets and made our way to hop in line for our boat to the North Pole!

While Preston, Avayah, and Gabby were all good with smiling with Rudolph while waiting, Olivia was not going to do it  Nope. 

It was cold.  Cold.  This winter is cold.  But we've done colder. Plus there was an indoor area.  Not that Preston and Olivia wanted to stand in there a whole lot longer than it took to take this photo.

On our way out the Grinch was not so thrilled to see us!

But Olivia was overjoyed to see him!

Brad and Nevan were so excited to be on their way to the North Pole.

Shannon and her peeps.

Photobomber Brad.

My little family.

One of the best parts is all of the lights that are out on the dock!

Me and my best boy.  Inside.  No way we were standing outside in the cold without our coats.

Back outside.  I'm telling you the kids love standing outside on the boat even when it's cold.

We're almost there!

We made it!

Liv was cold.  But so excited! 

Isn't the North Pole gorgeous.

Mason and Preston were both pretty thrilled.  Especially when they heard their names on the nice list!

All of the kids were on the nice list!  Oh their excited faces when they heard their names called!

It was cold at the North Pole.  And on the boat.  We were ready to head back.  With some hot cocoa.  And whip cream of course.

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