Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve relaxing. HAHAHAHAHA!

We spent Christmas Eve getting ready for Christmas. Obviously.

Our elves arrived in style.  Making sure we knew it was their last night with us. 

We're going to miss you Strawberry and Elf.  Well the kids are.  You get a big peace out from me.

We made cookies in the afternoon.  And our pretzel snacks to share with everyone tomorrow.

Then we headed to Aunt Sheli and Uncle Trav's to celebrate with the family!

Kids gift exchange.  Olivia was feeling very shy.  Until she saw what Lily had gotten her.

Give Olivia all the Trolls things!

These two crazy boys!

Preston's gift!

Uncle Joe always gets Preston the best boy gifts.  He was so excited!

Olivia and Auntie Rissa.

After all the fun we headed back home.   Said our last good-byes to our elves.  Set out milk and cookies for Santa.  Took a few photos.  And then bedtime for little people!

Get ready Christmas, we're coming for you! 

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