Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Tree Hunting 2016

It's cold.  And almost but not quite December.  Tree hunting time! 

There wasn't any snow but we didn't let it ruin it for us. 

Waiting for our hay ride up the mountain!

I think the kids favorite part might just be the actual ride up.

It was cold.  But we had a mission.  Find a tree.  And of course all the of the good ones required a little bit of a hike up the mountain.

My crazy family!  Kind of love them.

We found our tree!

The cutest little people I have ever seen.

Helping Brad get our tree ready to come home!

The Lucas tree.

All I wanted was for all of the kids to stand together and smile.  Not happening.

Getting warm by the fire with her Daddy.

Meanwhile these two were in the middle of a battle.

My favorite people.  All happy and ready to get our tree home!

It's almost Christmas time!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 181

This week.

Video game party.


She likes this.
New photo wall.


Updates.  Finally.


Could he take a normal photo.
Happy BIrthday Brad!
Liv loved the photo booth and props!
Liv and Haylie!
Photobomb by Papa!
Swinging crazy girl.
The birthday boys!

This week.