Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pumpkin Picking

I love fall. Love it.  Which is just kind of silly when I love summer so much and fall means summer is ending.  But fall is just so full of things I love too.

Like heading up to our local pumpkin patches!

We decided to go big and hit up a few of them.  First stop was Shannon's choice because they have this adorable barn with all of these little things you can buy.  And a cafe.  It was packed.  We wandered around and bought my Grandpa a gift.  Then headed outside to play while my Mom and Shannon kept looking.

The swing set was a huge hit with my kids!

Preston was digging the tire swing.  I forgot how much I loved them when I was a kid too!

We'd never been to this farm before so we weren't sure where all the pumpkin patch fun was.  Me and the kids wandered around a little bit trying to find pumpkins.

We found what looked like pumpkins thrown in a field.  But we wanted a patch.  But there was a fantastic arch and grassy area where I'm sure they throw weddings.  Yes please.

I made everyone stop and take a few photos before we loaded up into the cars to find another farm.

They totally loved it of course.  Ha!

My people.

Nevan was not feeling the photos. Suck it up and smile dude.

And with that we headed to the second farm.

We love this one because it has a full pumpkin patch.  But I don't love all the commercialization.  They definitely try to suck the kids in with the corn maze and the bounce house and the rides and games.  Not happening this year guys, we are here for the pumpkins.

Well that and some people grabbed some food while the kids played in the log cabin clubhouse!

Time to find us some pumpkins!  Liv wanted to help pull the wagon. 

How cute are they?

Avayah wants to come too.

Where are the best pumpkins?

Liv found herself one!

I think Preston's found one too!

My girl and her pumpkin.  Her new pumpkin.  She swapped out a few times making sure she got the best one.

And away she goes.

Marrissa and her pumpkin.

Much to Nevan's irritation I asked them to stop and smile for another family photo.  The horror.

Cutest little niece ever!

I just love this girl so much!

Taking a ride from Daddy!

Me, hey let's take a photo really quick.  Brad...

Fine we'll take one without you.

That's what I was looking for!  I love this photo so much! 

Where's Preston you ask?  He was refusing to take any photos.  And I was just done arguing with him and was like fine you don't want to be in our photo then don't but that doesn't mean we won't take them.  Just means you won't be in them.

We all had pumpkins and were ready to go buy them!

But first Preston was willing to take a picture with Grandma!  How cute is this!

And Marrissa wanted one with me.  There was a little bit of ahem discussion about which side we were each going to stand on.  Problems with having the same good side.

But look how damn cute we are!

And Preston was willing to take one with us!  He didn't want to be left out.  Might be my new favorite photo of us.  Definitely blowing this one up!

Hey Mom want to stand with the kids?  Yeah this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

While everyone was in line me and the kids headed over to play and take a few more photos by the corn stalks.  Yes more photos.  Always more photos!

After we bought all of the pumpkins, we were headed back to our cars and found this old tractor. The kids of course had to play in it. 

And we headed to another farm.  Shannon, Nevan, and Avayah called it a day but my mom and Marrissa were with us.  Marrissa because she really wanted to try the grilled cheese food truck there.  Plus we had ice cream and pie!  Thanks Mom!

Preston was desperate to play in these giant blow up balls that you crash into people in.  We finally told him he could pick one thing to do and this was it!  So we hopped in line.

He kind of loved it.

Liv liked watching too.  While she finished up her ice cream.

And then since Preston got to pick something so did Olivia.  She picked a pony ride.  And then got nervous when it was time to get on.  But she braved her way through it!  And loved it!

We headed home with pumpkins.  Tired.  And ready for more fall fun!

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