Friday, October 28, 2016

Preston's Halloween Party

Preston's Halloween party fell on the Friday right before Halloween.  The morning was a little bit chaotic. Preston's teacher was sick so they had a sub.  The sub was Preston's friend James mom.  You'd think that since class started with each of the kids getting to show off their costume and have their photo taken they would have gotten it out of their system.  Oh no. They were all wound up.  I felt so bad that I stayed to help out even though there wasn't anything for me to do "volunteer" wise.  Teachers just don't get nearly enough credit!

The pictures from the morning. 

I loved that some of the costumes coordinated!  Like Preston's Kylo Ren with Kierra's Rey.

Meanwhile Olivia was hanging out with Grandma and Auntie Rissa.  Until I rushed home to grab her and change her into her costume.

We grabbed our seats and waited for the parade to start.  I asked Olivia if she wanted to walk in the parade with Preston.  Even walked her down to his class just in case.  No go.  Not that I was surprised.  Lots of strangers when you parade through the school in costume!  Not my girls thing.  Hanging with her Mama is way more her style. 

We have the best principal and office staff.  Dressed up as sumo wrestlers!

Here comes Preston's class!  he's the tallest of the three Kylos in his class.  And has the red sword.  he came prepared.

Hanging with Grandma after the parade was over, before we headed to Preston's class to party! 

I love these two littles!  Especially when they love each other!

Class party time.  It was a little more chaotic than usual with the teacher gone.  But with the sub and all the parent helpers I think it was a success!

I was in charge of the pumpkin towers.  Pumpkin candies and toothpicks.  How tall can they go!

I was pretty impressed with how tall Preston got his to go. It was more work than it looked like.  You couldn't poke it too far through because the pumpkin would crumble.  Couldn't put too much weight on the toothpicks.  Needed a good base.

Olivia rotated with Preston to his next station.  Probably because it included cookies and frosting!

There were madlibs.  And pumpkin bowling.  And pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern.

The kids had a blast.  And left properly sugared up.

We had to swing by the library on the way out to grab Preston's pumpkin and see what prize he had won.

Best eyes!  That's my boy.  Also my pumpkin.  But shhhh I won't tell.

Two class parties in two days.  We're definitely sugared up and ready for Halloween!

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