Thursday, October 27, 2016

Olivia's Preschool Halloween Party

Olivia being in preschool means that she gets to have her own class parties! Her very first one was for Halloween and my little Tinkerbell was so excited to wear her costume to school.

Well she was very excited.  And then it was time to leave and she was nervous and telling me how nobody could see her costume.  I was like well ummm being that you're wearing it that might be a little rough.  I don't have a plan for that.  Luckily she came around and decided that she did want to go to preschool in her costume and that everyone could see it.

She did need me to stay for the first part of class.  Because we're still nervous.  So I stayed for songs and the start and then when they moved to tables for fun I convinced her I would be back for her party but I needed to run and grab some things for the party!

Back in time to watch her class line up to go trick or treating around the church.

Trick or treating around the church. I was so proud of how brave Olivia was!

She loved it!

Time for her class party!

There were games.  And treats.  And nail hammering in a pumpkin.  The excitement!   

Pumpkin sugar cookie decorating! They were good. I might have snuck a few bites. 

And more games.  Pumpkin bean bag.  Pumpkin bowling.  Notice a theme here? 

Olivia was definitely a fan.

A class photo because they were all so adorable.

My girl and her teacher!

Olivia had so much fun at her first preschool party! 

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