Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Olivia's Preschool Field Trip

First day of preschool and now her first field trip!

Olivia was sooooooo excited!

I wanted a photo before we left.  This she did all on her own!  My big girl. 

Waiting for our tour of the apple cider making and the apple orchards! 

Apple cider making.  Love that Preston went on a field trip here as well when he was little! 

It's time to hop on and go for a ride.  To the apple orchards we go!

Once there we parked and learned a little about how the apples grow and how important the bees are.  Then we got to get out and pick our own apples!

Before we go to the pumpkin patch a photo!  She refused to take one with her class.  But was willing to take one on her own.

Pumpkin patch time!  Olivia was on the hunt for the very best pumpkin to take home.

Me and my best girl!

We somehow ended up taking the long way home.  Like the really long way.  And along the way found this deer.  Poor Liv couldn't see it from her car seat so I told her I would take a photo for her. 

Little Miss couldn't hang.  She never naps anymore.  She must have been tired.

I think Olivia had a good first field trip!

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