Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Grandpa's Retirement Party

When I was six we moved. From California to Washington. Why you ask. My Grandpa. He had recently purchased an ice cream distributorship and offered my Dad and Uncles all jobs. We moved and my Dad became an ice cream man. Not with a truck. But definitely with ice cream. In making this choice my Grandpa changed all of our lives.  In the best way.  Then twenty plus years later he retired.  And three months after that we finally had a giant party for him.  Having four boys and all their families makes throwing a party a bit of a process trying to work it out with everyone's schedules.

We were excited to celebrate!

A reason to get dressed up, get out of the house, have food and drinks, and hang out with family...yep we're up for it! 

Me and my some of my favorites in my family. 

Colten and Grandpa.

These two were put in charge of greeting people.

Me and Riss.  We're kind of awesome.  She's also well on her way to being more than just kind of drunk.  Ha!


Hey Shannon take a photo of me and Brad and I'll take one of you and Nevan.

Oh wait mine's blurry ya b.

I attempted to fix it with an app for live videos because mid video had a clear shot.

On the other hand, I got a great one of them.

This one is clear.  Of course.

Shannon, me, and our Mama.

My parents and and almost all of us.

Shannon, me, and Jessie.

We lingered downstairs for a while.  Snacks.  Wine.  Everyone hanging out.

Me and Marrissa taking selfies.

And then me making everyone else take selfies.

We moved the party upstairs.  Well the bar stayed downstairs.  But we all headed upstairs.  More food.  More party.  More photos.  And more drinks.

The bar might have stayed downstairs but all of the drink tickets that I conned out of my cousins came with me.  I really did end  up with too many.  I had my two.  Then Brad's two.  Then another two when I might have said Brad forgot to grab.  And another two when I said please.  And maybe more. There were so many.  Luckily for my sisters and cousins.  And my new bestie later.

More fun. 

And time for the speeches.  There were many.  One of my favorites given by my Grandpa's sister Gail.

I even went up and gave one.  Much to my sisters horror.  I wanted to give one.  I felt like the grandkids had to say something since my Grandpa is such an incredible impact in all of our lives.  Jessie felt like I was downright crazy and that I had to have had to much to drink.  One glass of wine is not too much to drink!  I knew what I wanted to say.  Jessie sent me over to Haylie and Jake to have them tell me no.  Instead Haylie asked me what I would say and that just helped me get my thoughts together.  When I full decided and headed up front even Marrissa grabbed my arm to hold me back.

On the way to the party I realized I hadn't gotten a card and that after I'd spent the day thinking of what I would write in it.  Instead I just said it.

I'm told I wasn't too shabby.  I also made people cry.  What can I say my Grandpa is pretty awesome.

Then my Grandpa spoke.

Jessie and I got more wine with Doug's wife.

We took more selfies. 

The speeches ended.  My Aunt got all of us grandkids together with my Grandpa for a photo.

More photos with the man of the night.

A couple more. Because it's what we do.

Try to get a photo with my siblings.  Me and Marrissa are just standing there and all of a sudden he lifts his feet.

A much better one.

Two seconds later Marrissa and Jessie spilled a glass of wine all over the place in some form of confusion.

Matt and Kaylee.  Matt insisted on wearing a bow tie for the party.

Me and Stacey.  Who I might have borrowed a wine glass for when she really liked them.  Shhhh. Don't tell.  Also don't tell my Uncle who was all no.  Ha! 

Somehow there became talk of an after party.  At my aunts house.  So of course that's where we headed.

These just make me laugh.  By this point Marrissa.  Oh Marrissa.  And apparently me and her had words for a minute in this series.

What we just wanted a photo with our Aunt Sheli back off Marrissa!

Me and the hubs.

My magical Aunt ordered pizza.  We all hung out.  More drinks.  I switched to water.  Became Jessie's favorite sister ever when she had too much to drink.  And eventually headed home.  There is also a video of Marrissa that makes me laugh every single time I watch it.  But I love her too much to post it.

Happy Retirement Grandpa!  We love you!

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