Saturday, October 1, 2016

Home Depot Kids Workshop

We popped into Home Depot for their first weekend of the month building workshop. And lucky us not only was it fire truck building day, but they had a real fire truck come for the kids to play on!

First we build.  The kids seriously love these kits.  They both take it so seriously.  


Fire truck time!  They were so excited to climb on and explore.  And these photos of them totally make me love them even more.  I just love how much they love each other! 

Preston hopped out of the back and then jumped over to the passenger side so fast. Not willing to wait for his turn in the driver's side.

Olivia in true fashion took a minute longer to warm up.  But then loved the drivers seat.  She was in charge!

Meanwhile on the passenger side.  I'm told he hopped right in and then asked if he could close the door.  And made himself right at home.  That's Preston!  He was cracking the firemen up. 

Taking a quick spin in the driver's side seat.  Except it wasn't so quick.  He had a million questions and wanted to know what all of the buttons did.  And then had to be dragged out. 

We ran in to grab a few things afterwards.  And look at fridges.  Because I want one.  So bad.  We had to stop and see the Halloween decorations too.  Liv found this phone and was so fascinated by it.  A cord even!  Ha!

Then us and our newly built firetrucks headed home.

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