Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Costumes!

Nine years in and two kids later I'm kind of figuring out this whole Mom thing. And by figuring it out I mean that I'm paying attention to how other Moms do things and when they make complete sense I do it too. 

Halloween being one of those things.  I have always stressed getting costume photos on Halloween amid the choas of hte day.  It's stressful and I don't always get the photo I want.  And sometimes it makes us late to whatever our plans are for the night.  NOt this year.

We came home from the school and Preston's party and I bribed the kids into taking some photos while they were still dressed up.  So on Halloween we just have get get dressed and away we go.

Bribed with candy.  I mean what else do you bribe kids with on Halloween.

I took just short of a bazillion.  But I got a few I really love.  And definitely some good ones of the kids in their costumes!

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