Saturday, October 29, 2016

Disney On Ice

We're big fans of Disney around these parts.  Disneyland.  Disney movies.  Disney On Ice!  And it's that time.  Disney On Ice!

This year they were doing four different shows.  Toy Story.  Little Mermaid.  Cars.  And Frozen.  I could have lived without Toy Story again.  And it was so long.  But we loved the other three! 

Grandma and Grandpa bought the kids each a special toy.  And then treats.  Popcorn and cotton candy.  They are kind of awesome like that.

The kids loved it.  Olivia really did.  She was totally sucked into it.  Even the stories that I wasn't sure she knew all that well.  Preston was into it and out of it.  One minute he was totally enthralled.  The next he was pretending to use his sword to shoot the characters.  He's a sweetheart that boy.

A few photos after it ended while we were waiting for it to clear out a little bit.

We were all starving when it ended so we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

And then because the day wouldn't be complete without more more more.  When we were done eating we ran over to Bethany's Halloween party!  A fun day for sure.

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