Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

It's Halloween!

After dressing up only four times or so already it's finally time for the actual day!

We of course trick or treated our neighbors. Preston LOVES all the decor they put up so it wasn't to be missed!

Then we loaded up in the car and headed to do some trick or treating.  For a few years now a local college opens up the dorms to trick or treaters and it's our favorite way to trick or treat!

We arrived early and they were having an event in their commons.  Areas for photos and if you posted to instagram they printed them.  Then teachers handing out candy.  As well as all the stores.  The kids were loving it.

Especially since this year we had company.  Jessie, Josh, Mason, Gabby, Kyle, Shannon, Nevan, and Avayah.  And Gabby's sisters and Mom came too.  It was a party.

Fun with the photo walls.

Some early trick or treating.

One of the teachers had dressed up as Captain Hook.  I had to get a photo of my girl with him since she was Tinkerbell.

And then away we went!  Time to trick or treat!

The boys kept racing ahead!  Even Olivia was getting in on the action.  Out of her comfort field.  Candy will do that for you.

Finally we were on way to our favorite building!  All indoors.  Several floors.  Nice hall space.  Yes! 

Some rookies, ahem not us, were trying to call it quits.  But we convinced them to do another building.  We are all about the trick or treating.  And candy.  Always the candy.

We made our way back to our cars and hit up one more building on the way.  Well repeated a building. Shhhh don't tell.  The kids won't.

And then to our cars.  We needed to grab dinner for the adults. Starving pretty much covers it. 

One final stop of the night.  Grandpa and Grandma's house!  We always trick or treat them!

Me and Gabby!

Tried to get all of the kids to line up and take photo.  That went well.  Ha!  So much sarcasm.

While and Brad and I quickly inhaled our food, Olivia ran into the back room to play with Gabby.  We never get to play at my parents house with their dogs and Preston's allergy it's a no go zone for us. 

The lot.  And that wasn't even all of it!

Happy Halloween all!