Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preston's First Day Of Third Grade

Summer is over. Hold me. I love summer. But it's time for back to school.

Every year a this time the song from Billy Madison plays on repeat in my head. Back to school. Back to school. To show my Dad that I'm no fool. All morning.

Preston was ready.  Except also not.  He loves himself some summer too.  But I think he was ready to see his friends again!  Ready for third grade! 

There's something so exciting about a fresh start at the beginning of the school year. 

But before the school year can officially start, we take first day photos! 

My big third grader.

I wanted a photo with Preston.  And so did Olivia!

 Back to schhhhhoooooooool!

He looks so dang big.  He's only third grade.  Slow down time! 

Preston and Ms Kelton!  His new teacher.

She even grabbed a prop for the photo, I think I'm going to love her! 

Friends in his new class!  Score!  Nothing like seeing a face you recognize when you walk into class on the first day.

Finding his new desk.

Olivia just wasn't ready for summer to be over and Preston to be back to school.

We left Preston and he was ready to take on third grade.  Olivia on the other hand cried the whole way home. 

Have a fantastic first day of third grade Preston! 

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