Saturday, September 10, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 170

This week.


Up the hill they go.
Walk with Grandpa and Grandma.
She kind of loves the boat. Like a lot.
Papa please.  Ha!  Because no way in hell.
Preston found a bigger one.


"Mom I have to go to school.  My teacher called and there is one seat left.  I don't have time to take a picture I have to go get my seat.  It's just pretend school at home Mom!"  - Olivia age 3.  One week before starting pre-k.
I swear these people.
Last dinner before school starts back up! 


I think she was mad?  Maybe a little.
I just love these girls!


Preston no!!
Strike a pose little miss.
You guys.  You guys.  That's my niece  On Zulily!
She might have moved a little after I put her to bed.


Preschool orientation!  Liv was nervous but having Preston along made her feel so much better.  She even stayed down in the classroom with him while we went upstairs.
Look at her!  Sitting like a big girl.  Even with the big girl class.
Next up Preston's open house.  Two kids open houses in one night.


Grandma bought Olivia some cute little Nike pants. 
Movie night at Izzie's! 


Snapchat fun!
Teenage Preston!  Ha!
My faves.
Happy Birthday Nevan!
Butterfly balloon!
Snake balloon!
My Grandma never looks happier than when she has a baby in her arms. 

Until next week!

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