Tuesday, September 27, 2016


For the first time...ummm ever. Brad and I left the kids at home and headed off for a weekend away by ourselves. As grown ups. Seriously we have never done this.  Not before the kids.  Not since the kids.  Never.  Three days of no little people. 

We decided to head to Portland.  Friday after work me and Brad said our good-byes to Preston and Olivia and told them to have fun with Grandpa and Grandma and away we went. 

We got there late.  And actually stayed in Vancouver because can you say cheaper? 

We didn't have a full plan.  Knew that we wanted to head to the beach one of the days.  Particularly because even though Preston, Olivia, and I have been to Cannon Beach and Seaside Brad never has.  Damn job.

So Saturday morning not so bright and early we were off. 

It was a gorgeous day.  Absolutely beautiful.  My Mom has always told me that September at the Oregon Coast is fantastic and she was so right!

We parked and walked down to Haystack Rock to explore.

Then decided to walk into the downtown area to browse and grab some lunch.

And decided to walk back on the beach.  I mean seriously it was gorgeous. 

We headed north toward Astoria and around to Vancouver on our way back. 

Then discovered that umm Vancouver has a Chic-Fil-A.  Yes please.  So we had to go find it.  After having it in California this summer it wasn't an option.  And it was serious business because when we found it we learned that it was the opening night.  So it was packed.  Like police directing traffic crazy.  We ended up parking across the street and walking over.  They were so much faster than we expected! 

We took our food back to the hotel room and lounged. 

We were up the next morning and out.  We planned on heading to downtown Portland.  But decided to stop over at Ikea on the way.  And Starbucks was a necessity. 

I was pretty shocked to see that Starbucks here has wine! 

We found our way into downtown Portland and did some wandering.  Had lunch at one of the food trucks.  Wandered some more.  Found Powell Books.  I was so excited!  We spent a couple of hours in there.  Books for the kids and me.  Even Brad found one. 

We hit up Target.  Don't act surprised. It's how I roll. 

I was dying for Mexican food so we browsed yelp to find something.  A couple of the high ranked ones were closed.  Because it was Sunday.  What.  How does that happen.  Luckily we found another one close by that was ranked not too shabby.

After dinner and a margarita for me!  We headed back to the hotel.  What can I say we are pretty lame. 

Monday was our last day.  I was shocked.  Like full blown shocked all weekend how easy it was to get up and out without the kids.  Is this how people who are on time do things? 

I mean we were up and out that morning before Preston even needs to be at school.  Dressed.  Packed.  Ready.  But getting to school is such a freaking struggle every day.  Kids man. 

We had to get donuts before we went home.  Not even an option.  Especially after hearing about how amazing they are.  It was a little overwhelming trying to pick because you're just up there and they are rotating.  We found enough for a box.  Not going to lie, most of them weren't really my style.  I like just normal donuts and not all the crazy up on them. But we figured the kids would be excited when we brought them home.

We walked for more coffee.  And finally hit the road because we needed to head home.

Along the way we passed a bumper sticker that I just had to get a photo of!  Preston's winery.  We stopped there once when he was little and I bought a bottle of wine in his birth year.  Not sure what he'll ever do with it but I thought it was awesome! 

And we were back in time for dinner.  Refreshed and relaxed.  Maybe even ready to take on real life again.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 172

This week.


Happy Birthday Caymbree!



Learning at preschool. Big girl!
She wrote me a letter!

Until next week.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 171

This week.




Curled her hair for preschool!


Seriously.  She woke up like this.


Big girl at school!



Puddle jumping!
Happy Birthday Kelly!

Until next week.