Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Montana Stapleton Pitts Trip

It's Pitts Stapleton road trip time!  The second annual!  We were excited!  This year we headed to Missoula, Montana.

After allllllll the road construction and three and a half plus hours in the car the kids were so excited to get to the hotel!

Especially when they got a look around.  There was a waterfall.  And hot tubs in the common area.  Plus the pool.  They were ready!  C'Mon Inn for the win!

Of course we had to hit up the pool and hot tub before doing anything else.  I mean duh.  The kids were ready.

When we pulled up to the hotel we noticed that there was a Cracker Barrel one parking lot over.  Score!  Somewhere to sleep and somewhere to eat all in the same spot.  So after swimming we all got dressed and walked over.

The food was delicious.  And such a good price!  The only downfall.  Did ya know they don't serve alcohol?  We were traveling with four kids and the hotel was one parking lot over.  And Mama needed a drink.  Nope.

Full we headed back to the hotel.  The kids were nowhere near tired.  So we went swimming again.  Wear those suckers out.  Ending with a dip in the hot tub outside our room.  And some snuggles in our room before bed!

Day two.

After getting up and dressed and missing breakfast at the hotel because tired.  We found a Starbucks and grabbed some food and coffee and made our way to the highlight of our trip.  The water park!  O-M-G.  Guys.  This place was awesome.  The kids were so dang excited!   It was hot and we were ready to swim! 

You know after the diva took a few photos. 

Olivia's favorite part of the water park was this little water slide.  Girlfriend wanted to stay here all day. 

Oh look, someone made my kids stand together for a photo. Ahem.  Me.  Ahem.  They were super excited about it.

So excited that we had to take more.

My waterproof phone bag paid off when I got to take it on the lazy river with the kids!  Olivia loved the lazy river.  What was awesome about it was that the river went around the water slides that Preston and Zack loved.  So we could ride the lazy river with the littles and the boys could ride the water slides. 

The lazy river was kind of our jam. 

Preston, Zack, and Ryan loved this log walk.  Grab the net and try to make it across.  Not going to lie, they talked me into it a few times.  It was fun!  And so much harder than I thought.

But Liv really just loved the littler kid area.  The water sprayer and her slide. It was her favorite.  She even got the boys to play with her!

We had lunch.  Churros.  Swam in the big pool.  Preston got stung by a bee.  That part sucked.  But he recovered!  There was more fun to be had! 

We stayed until close.  Because that's just how we roll. 

Then we forced the kids to take some photos together.  They weren't feeling it.  But we are the bosses.  Ha!  They did it because they love us and we took them to a water park all day. 

We ran back to the hotel to change and walked across the street to grab dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza.

And then walked back over to the hotel.  In exhaustion.  Well me and Kelly.  I think the kids were still just excited to be on vacation together!

Day three. 

We were tired.  We grabbed breakfast at the hotel.  And packed up.  We wanted to check out a local ice cream shop and had to drive home. 

But first we had to take a few photos with the waterfall in the hotel.

Then off to play.  A carousel.  And then this awesome wood playground next to it!  We tried to hit up the food truck area but missed it just by minutes.  So we saw the river instead.

Then off for ice cream!  We were told it was the best!  And it was so good!

Then a few quick stops to grab gas and a late lunch and we were on our way home! 

Another Pitts Stapleton trip in the books!

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