Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hiking Cda

Summer.  The weekend.  We went hiking!

I rode in the back with Preston and Madison.  For an hour.  And survived.  We actually had fun!

Uncle Matt swinging Preston.  And also scaring the crap out of me a little bit.

We hit up the bathroom.  And everyone got adjusted.  Babies in carriers.  Water bottles settled.  And duh we took some photos. 

The moose was a big hit!

It was a beautiful day for hiking.  Sunny and warm. And we hiked right along the lake.  I did have to warn Preston and Matt that there would be no cliff jumping into the lake.  Preston was not happy with me.  My little thrill seeker.  He is going to be the death of me.  What's even funnier about it is that he's not doing or wanting to do anything that I wasn't doing at his age. It's just way scarier when it's your kid!

Perfect spot to take some photos!

When we finished our hike we headed to the lake.  The kids were thrilled to swim and play in the sand!

After hiking and swimming we all headed back into downtown for dinner.  My parents were treating us all to pizza.  We didn't want to head home only to turn back around to head to dinner.  So we picked the kids up food and ate and played in the car.  For like forty-five minutes.  I might have wanted to bang my head against a wall by the time we headed inside.

Luckily there was rose with dinner!  Ha! 

The pizza was delicious.  Don't even ask me how many pieces I had.  I earned it, didn't you read about the hiking?

Then we rushed home to pack and get ready, water park tomorrow!  We're trying to soak up the last of summer!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Photos With My iPhone Week 168

This week.

Sassy pants!


She didn't want him in her photo.  Ha!


Last summer gymnastics!
Miss Missy!
Pool day!
Water slide fun!
These two loves the whirlpool.
Water slide! 
Cannon ball!
The slide was a hit!


We found a praying mantis!
Family date night!
Yes we begged Brad to go grab a blanket from the car.  The movie seats recline! 


So excited to meet baby Sean!
Bedtime snuggles with my favorite little Harper!
Movie night with the neighbors!

Until next week!