Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Moses Lake Waterpark

Summer is about water park fun.  So we are soaking it up.

We headed to Moses Lake to play in the water park.  Us, Jen, Shannon, Marrissa, and my Mom.

When we got there I made the kids eat.  Because meanest mom ever.  As soon as he was done Preston challenged Grandma to race him down the slides. 

He won!

They give the lifeguards a chance to cool off and I took advantage and made my kids take pictures. 

Harper got to play too!  Digging the little kid area.

The play structure was a favorite for sure.

Hey guys smile because you're all so adorable.

The little kid area was a hit for all of the little girls.

The kids also loved the lazy river. 

And the splash pad. 

I mean lets be real, the kids pretty much loved everything about this place.

Liv and Vey hanging out with Grandma while we all wait for our turn on the surf rider.  

How cute are these guys! 

Everyone needed a little bit of a break so we headed over to the playground.

Preston made a new friend.  I swear this kid can make friends anywhere.  

The kids eventually were tired.  So we packed them up, headed back to the hotel, and then out for dinner.  Mexican food.  Because duh.  Also margaritas.  Because day at the water park with all the kids and Marrissa was driving.

Quick stop at the store for snacks.  And then to the hotel.  Kids needed to sleep.  And we had more margaritas waiting for us! 

Everyone slept.  Play hard sleep hard!

We got up for breakfast the next morning and were told that Shannon and Marrissa had found kittens outside and were going to check it out.  We finished up and met them down there to look too. 

They were so cute.  And so afraid.  We sat very quietly and watched for a while.  Shannon ran to the store and bought them so food.  And then they came out very slowly.  There were more than we thoughts!  Three babies and a mom.  And another baby that didn't come out.  I can't even tell you how long watching them entertained all of us. 

We got dressed and packed up and headed to the park to play and try to wear the kids out.  It wasn't quite warm enough to swim again. 

Finally Jen and the girls headed home to Seattle and we hopped in with my Mom to head home too.

Preston even asked for his fruit on the way home.  This is huge for him! 

Why does summer have to end!  Why. WHY!