Thursday, July 28, 2016

Week In Seattle

We all head to San Diego on Friday for vacation!  We decided to fly to San Diego from Seattle with Jen and the girls so Monday we hopped in the car for a road trip to spend the week in Seattle before our flight.  Making vacation longer in the summer?  Yeah we are all about that. 

We arrived and met them at the park!  A park with a wading pool and a lifeguard.  I mean come on!

Because that wasn't enough fun in the sun, when we got back to Jen's house the kids headed outside to play in the yard.

We ran to the mall the next day to grab some things for vacation.  And then me and the kids and Riss grabbed lunch at Red Robin.  Because they all love Red Robin.

And then after running to a million and a half bathrooms for Olivia, we stopped in the play area for a while.

And ran to Target for more vacation things. Buy all the vacation things!

And met Jen and Harper back at the house for snuggles.  Baby whisperer Preston.

Harper needed a little pick me up. 

We lazed around the next day.  And then Jen and I left Riss with the kids to go get mani and pedis.  Because again vacation.  Are you noticing a trend here?  We both went with some bright barbie pink colors!  It was fabulous.  And then grabbed some lemonade on the way back from the cutest little boys stand. 

Meanwhile at the house Harper and Riss were having a good time.

I grabbed dinner that night with a friend from elementary school!  And her cutest pregnant belly ever!  While Jen and Riss kept the kids and had friends over.  Fun was had!

Also life advice. 

Poor Riss, Preston is such a snuggler.  And she didn't get a whole lot of room sharing a bed with him.

Last day before vacation...from our vacation.  We headed to the Pacific Science Center!

We had to take a picture with the praying mantis after he did a project on them!

Petting a Madagascar hissing cockroach.  Check Riss out in the background.  Ha!

Bleh.  Imagine running into one of these!

Preston build some puzzle bugs!

My favorite part...the butterfly room!

She loves the bugs.  When they aren't real! 

Checking our weights around the solar system.  It was pretty awesome!

A ride in the space ship!

The kids favorite is always this marble thing.  So simple.  And yet we had to drag them away.

Water fun on our way out!

And pack to pack and go to bed early for our early flight the next morning!  San Diego we're coming for you!

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