Sunday, July 17, 2016

Preston's Ninth Birthday and Olivia's Third Birthday Parties

It's party time!

We ended up combining the kids parties this year.  With everything going on with travel and vacation and holidays and graduations, we just ran out of weekends.  So this seemed the best way to make sure everyone could come!

Also chaos.  Little girls. Little boys.  Two themes. Two cakes.

But somehow it worked! 

The party "stuff".

My little birthday girl!

I think the kids had fun.

It was quite the party!

The kids did some swimming.  Because that's how they roll.

 Look at these cute girls!

And then in true party fashion, it rained.  Why not.  So I panicked and moved everyone inside.  For presents.  Because we were struggling to BBQ and needed to get things going!

You guys.  Presents inside.  With all these kids.  And Preston started before I even got everyone settled in.  Oh my word.  It was out of hand.  Kaylee stepped up and tried to manage some of the chaos.  Preston was literally throwing wrapping and tissue paper everywhere.  He broke her and she gave up.  I had to head up there and use my Mom voice to settle everyone just enough to get them to take a step back!  And then presents!

I think you can tell by his face that Preston was having an absolute blast!

Preston and Mason before he had to leave.

The rain stopped and I gave all the boys the boot.  They were bouncing off the walls.  And it was Olivia's turn to open presents!

She was so dang cute.  She got so excited about her gifts.  Even actually full on squealed a few times!  It was much calmer than when Preston opened his gifts.  

Cake time!

Preston's turn!

Then the kids burned off some more of their energy! 

 I love these four!

We ended the party and quickly ran over to my Aunt and Uncles house to meet one of my Dad's friends from high school who was in town!

And then the party didn't go as well.  We got home and I spent the night throwing up.  Then it took Jen down.  And Madison.  And Harper.  But we survived the party!

And everyone had a BLAST! 

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